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Population - 77.5 mln.
Area - 1001450 Km
Capital - Cairo
The Administrative - federal system - Unitary republic
The oficial language - arabic language
Basic religions - Islam
Money - Egypt's funt

The biggest cities of Egypt:
Cairo (7800 th.)
Aleksandria (3810 th.)
El-Giza (2550 th.)
Shybra-el-Hayam (1000 th.)
Port-Said (470 th.)
Luxor (200th.)

Egypt is located at the northern - eastrn part of Africa.

Tours to Egypt are very popular among Russian people. It's "summer" all year long there. The accesibility of Egypt is very
popular too (you can register your one-time visa in the airport).

Popular places in Egypt are Sharm-el-Sheyh, Hurgada, Dahab, Luxor.


Egypt is one the oldest governments of the world, to be more clear, the Old Egypt. The Old Egypt appeared on the
northen-eastern part of Africa, at the beginning of 4 Centure B.C.

About the cities of Egypt
Cairo - is the capital of Egypt. Cairo is located on the both sides of the river Nill. Egypt museam is situated there, where you can find a lot of exibits.
The youngest one's are about 2 thouthent years. The Egypr musaem is the world's depository of the Egypt's antiquity.

Alexandria - is one of the oldest cities of the world. Alexandria was founded by Alexander Macedonsky in 332 B.C.
This city is rich on beautiful places. Unfortunately, a lot of historical memorials were destroyed. Pompey's Column - is one of the most popular memorials, that was saved till our days.

Lighthouse of Alexandria (Pharos of Alexandria) - is one of the Seven Wonders of the World. The lighthouse was build in the 3 centure B.C. on the Faros island near Alexandria. It was the first light house and it was standing during 15 centures. The hight of this light house was about 117 meters.
The fire was burning during all night long, and it was seen by sailors from 50 km.

Bibliotheca Alexandrina (Alexandrian library) - one of the biggest libraries of the old times. It was founded at the beginning of the 3 centure B.C.
About 400 thousand books were saved there. A lot of scientists worked there, like: Evklid, Erastofen. Alexandria'a library was burned in 47-48 years B.C. Then in 391 A.D. this library was destroyed by orthodox-fans guided by Teofil. In 2003 a new
library was founded at the place of the Alexandrias library.

Port-Said - this city is located near the northen part of the Suez Canal. Originally, the statue of Freedom, whic now is
located in USA, should be located in Port-Said. The statue could be names like The Asia's Light. But the government of
Egypt considered that transportation from France to Egypt was too expensive.

* one - tour visa can be registed in the airport

* the domen of Internet in Egypt is - ***.eg      

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